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Menampilkan postingan dari Agustus, 2017

I Don't Know My Own Strength

I lost touch with my soul, I lost my mind recognizing my wishes, Dreams and hopes faded and the writing seemed vague. I stand here and find no direction, No directions to return and no directions to go. The humans who stopped in my life stole one by one my dream. But I do not think that will be the end of my life.
I said that I was going through it, I said that I had hope to survive, But this border made me realize that I had lost it. I went through every path with hopes but my pace let go of the hopes I was holding so weak and let them carry them. My hope for survival is gone. I thought, finally I will break.
Funny ....
But I do not even know my own strength.
I fell, fell and felt the rocks on this road had crushed every bone in my body, Too bad I'm not really ruined, Blood flow still flowing with breathing really regularly. I have to go through all this suffering. I do not know my own strength ....
Survive in my dark time and faithfully keep me alive. I picked up and tried to stare high. How strong c…