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Flog thin and flat rises upward, 
a dark and thick cloud, 
the wind blowing hard and the rain falling by drops ... 
Maybe heavy rain will come.

Heavy rains in three days or more, 
intense heat from the blazing sun, 
plants that begin to shed leaves to reduce evaporation ... 
Maybe the drought will come soon.

A snake coming out of its burrow in winter, 
Elephants running to high hills, 
Bats that sleep in the day but wandering around, 
Monkeys are nervous ... 
Maybe an earthquake will happen.

Nature always gives a sign for things that are happening to it.
The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency is likely to predict the natural weather and impending disaster with science and all its advanced technology.
Animals in the forest, they are likely to predict natural weather and natural disasters with their sensory abilities.

Giving a mark is a good thing to make a preparation.

Provide a sign that guests will come, then the host will prepare a banquet.
Provide a sign that colleagues will come, then the owner of the company will prepare a presentation to be gained.
Giving a sign that the body feels pain, then the owner of the body should rest.

Otherwise, if there is no sign, 
run if there is a chance to run from all the bad things that happen.
But if the bad thing comes faster and stronger than your speed and strength, 
it's too late to run from it.
Wait till it passes and see how you are, 
whether you will survive and have new hope or finish until that time.

Life is a surprise.
There is no sign of who and how the person you will meet an hour ahead, 
one day ahead, one week ahead, and so on.

You walk along the beach and through many humans there even some animals brought by the owner.
You go through them, maybe you see some of them, 
but maybe you more do not reach them with your eyes.
The same thing they might do as well.
There's always something interesting in every sight, 
so you step into that place.

Those you may always meet can mean nothing compared to those who just come and leave a trail that you have to remember for a long time.

Nature lovers will attract their lovers to come and meet nature in their possessions.
Nature is able to meeting you with anyone who thinks worthy to be present in your life.
Maybe by leaving a good trail or leaving a bad trail, 
but believe me there is always a good purpose of all that things that have been presented to your life.
Always on the watch is the key to keeping you from getting hurt any further.
And be on guard if you watch too far, because when someone is capable of destroying it, 
then you will really feel crushed.

You are human and will forever remain human, equal to other human beings.
You are at the forefront and others are at the back, you are still the same.
You are at the top of the mountain and the other is in the valley, you remain the same.
You are in the sky and others are under the ocean, you remain the same.
You are both created with "Love" by the Creator.
You have the same heart and instinct, 
the power depends on how much you sharpen it.

Are you sharpening it like a rock? Hard
Are you sharpening it like water? Soft and easy to flow
Are you sharpening it like a fire? Easy to burn
Are you sharpening it into nature? Sincerity

Like a hard rock ... 
You can destroy it and no matter how you try to unite it, 
it will still look broken pieces of stone and will not be able to return intact because there are rifts that may have been lost.

But it will never be the same as the power of love.

I can not equate the principle with those who say that 
when someone hurts your heart it is just like a torn piece of paper, 
if it is put together it will remain.
Maybe.... if you were the owner of a stone heart.

Love is the most beautiful thing God pours out every day in this life.
Love does not teach you to become vengeful even if love sometimes becomes a trigger for revenge.

If you really feel it, 
love is sometimes present to show you just how powerful it is.
Love can make you float and can hit you to the hard ground.
Love only brings happiness, without exception.
The pain you feel is not out of love, 
but because you focus too much on it so you do not remember to strengthen yourself,
You are cuddling in it as if he will not leave you,
You deify him as if nothing is taller than him,
It's good to make your life feel loving.
But, can you remember that you can not tie the love of others 
because he has a love that may be different from you.
When love gives you happiness, 
he wants to see how far you forget yourself so you forget to keep watch.

In your time, you can not bind other people's love only to you even you maybe really can give the big happiness for him. 
Because sometimes humans are not able to distinguish the true love he needs.

You fall down, you cry, you give up, you end your life, you suffer, you even force to eliminate the love in you.
You are wrong?
Yes, since you do not make that love beautiful, you create a selfish love.
You force your love to bind the love of others,
You're saturating the volume so you forget the love left for you.

As easy as that I say it ...
But it's not that easy I do it for myself.
Locking away from love? What for? It's useless !!
He will find his own way to pierce the iron wall you put on your frozen heart.
For one thing you must remember, You are created with love and love can not disappear from you.
You will be surprised by the way you melt your frozen heart and put out the hot fire in your heart.

You will feel nature merges in you.
The air in every breath you feel is like the air in the morning.
Blood flow across your veins.
At the top of your brain feels like a mountain surrounded by shady trees.
The gaze of your eyeballs is like the moonlight and glow like a star in the sky
Your smile is beautiful like a crescent trajectory.
The flow of your eyes is not sadness but happiness is like rain in the midst of the plants that give it life.
Your heart is beating like waves in the ocean and fish dancing on it.
Your body is warm as the sun's reflection.
Your touch gives the breath to every one who touches it.
You are a living realm and your beauty comes from the love that spreads throughout your body.

You and nature are the same, will never be destroyed if all out of love.
Love keeps nature from destruction, so does you.
Do not let other people ruin love from within you.
When humans have no love and selfishness leads them to corrupt nature,
So humans create their own destruction when nature cries.
When other human beings force to destroy your love, 
then your cries will be the karma for those who destroy you.

But be like nature, when the trees are cut down, 
the soil and water revive the tree again with love.
When the waves hit far from the surface, 
the waves would still flow back into place.
So also with you, when you have to cry then cry.
But still give yourself strength.
At least the best thing you can remember is,
You still have love in you and you are still a human being.
It will be a reference to remind you forever.
Hone your heart because in his time there will be someone who is lucky to get you.

Maybe you will love her because she taught you love,
Or you love her and realize that your love means a lot to her.
Because love is the greatest power that can change anything.
Do not be afraid because when you let that love flow in you,
You only know the "Opportunity" to find any way to escape the fear.
Your fear of all your shortcomings, you will never think that all the shortcomings will be covered by the excess of your love.

You said "I'll never go to that beautiful beach if you're not there with me"
You realize it ... But you insist on not admitting it.
That beautiful things can happen in your life without you ever planning, 
just when you let love flow in you, you get it.

Then what makes you afraid?
You said that the human of this world is full of falsehood and full of disgusting rules.

Why do not you make your own rules?
Why do not you let someone follow your rules?
Because when you choose someone to follow the rules of your life that are full of love,
You taught him that in this world there is still hope if you have love.

You say about nature?
Nature allows it self to blend in with whatever it wants to be.
Nature protects every creature that shelter in it even if sometimes it does not do the same thing.

Is that what you're afraid of?
That means you are not doing the same thing as nature does.
Nature has the hope that the thing that blends with it will love him even if sometimes it does not get it.

So why are you running from someone who wants to unite herself with you?
Look back and do not always run.
Maybe the road you are will go through will not be easy,
But if she loves you and survives for you,
Why should you let her pass?

Touch her, kiss her, hug her and hold her hand.
Take him into your life, maybe you'll save her.
Maybe she is your strength beyond selfishness in you.
You will never be so strong in solitude and selfishness,
Because your live as a human and die will remain as a human being.
Inherit and bring the happiness you have created, only that will always live.
And your descendants will do what you have striven for.

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