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Flog thin and flat rises upward,  a dark and thick cloud,  the wind blowing hard and the rain falling by drops ...  Maybe heavy rain will come.
Heavy rains in three days or more,  intense heat from the blazing sun,  plants that begin to shed leaves to reduce evaporation ...  Maybe the drought will come soon.
A snake coming out of its burrow in winter,  Elephants running to high hills,  Bats that sleep in the day but wandering around,  Monkeys are nervous ...  Maybe an earthquake will happen.
Nature always gives a sign for things that are happening to it. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency is likely to predict the natural weather and impending disaster with science and all its advanced technology. Animals in the forest, they are likely to predict natural weather and natural disasters with their sensory abilities.
Giving a mark is a good thing to make a preparation.
Provide a sign that guests will come, then the host will prepare a banquet. Provide a sign that colleagues will come, then t…