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Menampilkan postingan dari Oktober, 2016


I Got It ... It turns out i did have to ripen. No problem, just old in age but still young for face and happiness. Welcome 24th on 1st October 2016.

Notonly was I actually aging, I have apartner aged well and even older than me. Incidentallyourbirthdaytogether.

Very happy... Also hard to explain how happy. The four of us worked in the same place and real good fortune because the four of us couldget a few days holiday to relax for a moment. Actual plan for the birthday party did not like this. Originally been planned from the previous month to celebrate in other countries, but the plan still wrote the plan ... In the end,God's planis also awin and plans much better even beyond our expectations. We agreed to use a white dress theme. Actually, for those who are familiar with me, they would understand that it was certainly not my idea. White is not bad but red of course will always be my top choice. Not a good idea if it is too fanatical to one thing, and anyway I was fond of red because of its m…