Rabu, 13 Agustus 2014

This Can Make You Smile ???

We start from this ... 
A message that is conveyed through the image. 
This picture actually has long prepared, just that there are inhibiting factors that make it fail. 
Should be used as a video, but still there are problems. 
Perhaps by this display, the handsome man who understands that there slightly sweet lady who here still remember it. 
Missing him, Any time and at any time. 
Ahh, If God can explain my love and longing for him. 
Hey, I'm not alone.... !!! 
I along with my lovely sister and some help from the neighbors children. 
Sorry for the plan that is not running smoothly. 
I hope it makes you a little more excited.

A few years ago, I was a little scared to dream about a status that is usually predetermined on a matur woman.
But now, I'm more willing to get that status.
I want to see your face to be the first sights when I woke up in the morning.
I want to make a blanket arms to accompany my sleep.
I want to be part of the next journey of your life.
I want to stand with you under any circumstances.
And .. I want to be the best thing you ever had.
And I want to be the only woman who will multiply thy seed.
Whether the request excessive?
Hhmm .. you are the best loser if you can not fulfill the request.
Hey, I want to have you and you have to want to have me too, must !!!
I and Our sister love you very much.
Come on, join us.
All will feel lighter when we live together.
We will wait for your arrival.

And the last ...
I love everything about you ...
And thanks for torturing a few months because miss you.




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