Senin, 14 Juli 2014

Hallo My Real Man

Hello Dearest ...

Now we've reached the stage of an increasingly severe.

Our relationship continued and the trial continues.

Sometimes it feels so weak and thought to try to end it all with ease.

But it really can not.

It's too late to run away from reality.

That fact is when I realized that you are the best thing in my life.

The fact that you are something that would not have me leave.

The fact that you are a part of my life and I could not throw my life.

Honey ...

I will not be afraid anymore and I'm not going to give up again.

Increasingly second love is more powerful surge.

I feel your love flowing fulfill the entire heart.

I could feel the sigh breath strong in the pores of my skin.

I can feel your kisses all over my lips around the mighty.

And I could sense dancing around the fingers and hands to explore my body.
Mr. Aprilliansyah ...

You are the best thing that I have.

I love you more than you feel and what you hear.

I love you with all my flaws have you dressing with a strong suit.

You equip it to be perfect and you close any holes in me.
My Boy ...

I have to be strong to face any trials that are now coming to tempt our relationship.

I believe that we can win this.

We will show everyone that our love is true love.

The world will stop laughing and harassing our love.

They will cry because they have to doubt the sincerity of our love both.
My Hero ...

You are the most important part and the most important part of my life.

Believe me dear, one day we will always be together.

In due time, I will be all yours and you shall be mine completely.

Every night we would sleep together and hug each other.

Every morning wake up, you are the most beautiful thing I saw from the first that this world.

I'm going to enjoy the beauty of the face that meets my black balls.

Every day I will bombard your body with hugs and kisses.

Every day I will spoil you with love and affection.

We will enjoy the beautiful both without any interference from anyone else.

We will enjoy the love story of the two of us while hiding other people have doubted shame because we both love.

The story we will be enduring affection.

We will show the world that God provides a wonderful showcase for a true story.

Hey My Future Husband,

Here I am, here you are and here we are.

we definitely won this and we definitely get the most beautiful prizes after passing this exam.

We will always be together for now and forever.

We are in a bond of love and affection for now and forever.

My dear, remains a great prince.

I love you, I love you and I love you sweetheart.




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