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I Got It ... It turns out i did have to ripen. No problem, just old in age but still young for face and happiness. Welcome 24th on 1st October 2016.

Notonly was I actually aging, I have apartner aged well and even older than me. Incidentallyourbirthdaytogether.

Very happy... Also hard to explain how happy. The four of us worked in the same place and real good fortune because the four of us couldget a few days holiday to relax for a moment. Actual plan for the birthday party did not like this. Originally been planned from the previous month to celebrate in other countries, but the plan still wrote the plan ... In the end,God's planis also awin and plans much better even beyond our expectations. We agreed to use a white dress theme. Actually, for those who are familiar with me, they would understand that it was certainly not my idea. White is not bad but red of course will always be my top choice. Not a good idea if it is too fanatical to one thing, and anyway I was fond of red because of its m…
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Pink Lake in Australia

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Mereka menamakannya “Pink Lake” atau “Danau Pink” Kami menemukannya di tengah perjalanan dari Victoria, Melbourne menuju South Australia. Danau ini ditemukan di Mallee, sekitar 50km barat daya Mildura dan 60km barat Ouyen, bagian barat laut ini adalah Negara semi kering atau daerah gersang, pemandangan yang mudah di dapatkan di Australia Tengah. Dataran di daerah ini sangat-sangat luas dan pada saat musim hujan selesai maka akan datang musim semi dimana ribuan bunga liar bermekaran. Bunga terbesar di dunia dapat ditemukan di Victoria seperti Murray Lily, ada banyak ratusan spesies tanaman asli di wilayah ini.  Dilihat dari jauh memang danau tersebut berwarna pink hampir dikeseluruhan danau dan warna di pinggirannya berwarna putih cerah. Tidak terlihat seperti pink yang sangat terang karna ada campuran- campuran putih sehingga membuatnya terlihat seperti pink muda.

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Dari pinggir jalan yang harus dilakukan adalah memarkirkan kendaraan sesuai dengan te…

I Don't Know My Own Strength

I lost touch with my soul, I lost my mind recognizing my wishes, Dreams and hopes faded and the writing seemed vague. I stand here and find no direction, No directions to return and no directions to go. The humans who stopped in my life stole one by one my dream. But I do not think that will be the end of my life.
I said that I was going through it, I said that I had hope to survive, But this border made me realize that I had lost it. I went through every path with hopes but my pace let go of the hopes I was holding so weak and let them carry them. My hope for survival is gone. I thought, finally I will break.
Funny ....
But I do not even know my own strength.
I fell, fell and felt the rocks on this road had crushed every bone in my body, Too bad I'm not really ruined, Blood flow still flowing with breathing really regularly. I have to go through all this suffering. I do not know my own strength ....
Survive in my dark time and faithfully keep me alive. I picked up and tried to stare high. How strong c…

Bulan Diantara Bintang & Gadis Kecil

Hai Bulan … Ternyata kau masih disana, aku berpikir kau sudah meninggalkan aku. Kemarin aku mencarimu tapi sepertinya awan tebal menutupimu sepanjang malam. Aku dan seluruh teman- teman lainnya berusaha untuk meningkatkan pencahayaan sekedar memaksamu bercahaya lebih terang dari pada kami, Hanya saja mereka terlihat lelah dan aku meminta mereka untuk berhenti.
Aku hanya ingin kau mengartikan pencahayaanku, Aku sedang tidak baik. Bisakah malam ini aku mengatakannya?
Seminggu yang lalu aku melihat seorang anak gadis menangis di tengah hutan. Aku tidak melihat siapapun menyakitinya, Baik manusia ataupun hewan disekitar hutan tersebut. Dia kelihatan baik- baik saja, tapi dia tertunduk menghadap tanah. Sesaat aku memikirkan bahwa dia hanya tertidur, Atau mungkin dia sudah meninggal.
Aku tidak bisa menggapainya hanya sekedar ingin melihat wajahnya, Kau tau bahwa aku hanya bisa dirasakan dengan perasaan. Tapi berselang waktu dia menyandarkan tubuhnya di atas tanah dan melihat kelangit, Disitulah aku tersadar…


Flog thin and flat rises upward,  a dark and thick cloud,  the wind blowing hard and the rain falling by drops ...  Maybe heavy rain will come.
Heavy rains in three days or more,  intense heat from the blazing sun,  plants that begin to shed leaves to reduce evaporation ...  Maybe the drought will come soon.
A snake coming out of its burrow in winter,  Elephants running to high hills,  Bats that sleep in the day but wandering around,  Monkeys are nervous ...  Maybe an earthquake will happen.
Nature always gives a sign for things that are happening to it. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency is likely to predict the natural weather and impending disaster with science and all its advanced technology. Animals in the forest, they are likely to predict natural weather and natural disasters with their sensory abilities.
Giving a mark is a good thing to make a preparation.
Provide a sign that guests will come, then the host will prepare a banquet. Provide a sign that colleagues will come, then t…